Supporting a brighter future

Supporting a brighter future

Mondo are excited to share the successful installation of a 186kW solar system and Ubi Energy Management Platform at Sacred Heart College Geelong.

The system installed comprised 372x500W solar panels with an annual generation of 241,600kWh. The project was contracted under Mondo’s Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) scheme, which is designed to encourage solar uptake through minimising upfront costs and improving affordability. The PPA allows customers to install a solar system with $0 upfront cost and buy the energy generated by the system for an agreed price.

The Mondo Ubi Management System was installed at Sacred Heart to monitor solar energy generation and consumption, optimise systems to maximise value for the school and deliver more meaningful financial savings on energy.

The exciting point of difference for this project is that Mondo have been able to encourage education around renewables as students also have access to the online Ubi platform. They can view an interactive dashboard that displays real-time data around solar energy generated, consumed and exported at the school.

The Sacred Heart installation was one of over 250, made up of residents and businesses in the greater Geelong and Bellarine region and represents the largest PPA of this group. Over 50 of those customers were eligible to join the Mondo Virtual Power Plant with the inclusion of a battery on their property.

The increased uptake in renewables is offsetting reliance on grid energy, resulting in lowered carbon emissions. Mondo are continuously embracing Australia’s energy transition, working towards our net zero goals through projects like these and looking forward to future initiatives.

Sacred Heart will continue to review the energy requirements and possibilities to add more renewables to their system, including the potential for battery storage. We hope that Sacred Heart will provide inspiration to other education facilities across Australia around how they can create a more sustainable environment, educate students on renewables and pave the way for a greener future.