Energy Management Platform

Smart energy monitoring and management technology

Visibility and Control

Our Mondo Platform and Ubi® technology offer your business near real-time energy data online, with integrated energy reporting.

The system also allows you to actively monitor and control assets – even allowing you to turn them on/off remotely, or automatically based on your rules. 

Platform for Future Markets

Technology is constantly moving. With our system installed you’ll always be ready for the next advancement in batteries or demand response services.

Mondo Ubi® is also Virtual Power Plant (VPP) enabled – so your business can take advantage of emerging markets. 

Designed & Manufactured in Melbourne

Designed for Australian businesses who are driven to take ownership of their energy, our Mondo Ubi® and the Mondo Platform, have been developed right here in Australia.

Increase your energy efficiency

Learn and adapt

Study your energy data to identify usage patterns and align operations to use cheaper, cleaner energy. 

respond to market events

Respond to high prices in near real-time by powering down operations, or by switching to stored energy to avoid high electricity prices.

Data and reporting

Near Real-time Data 

The Mondo Portal gives you instant access to your energy data via any web-connected device. Read, collate, visualise and analyse energy across sites and assets where an Ubi device is installed.

Sustainability & Financial Reporting

Detailed energy data, summaries and trends give you clarity at the click of a button.

Monitor assets

Asset Health monitoring

Extend the life of your assets by using detailed energy data to monitor and identify low performing equipment.

Multi-site management

Customise and switch between individual or aggregated site view giving you the level of data you need whenever and wherever you need it.


Control assets

Smart control of renewable energy

Mondo Ubi offers smart services such as solar export limiting and smart charging/discharging of energy storage assets to maximise energy cost saving.

Mondu Ubi also allows you to remotely switch assets on/off automatically based on your rules.

circuit Control

Remotely switch assets on and off via any web browser.


Open up energy sharing

Thought about sharing energy between buildings, sites, or with your community? Markets are evolving for businesses which will allow you to share excess energy. With our system, you’ll be ready to go. 

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