Engineering a sustainable future for Australia.


Energy Services

Supporting Australian businesses with a range of innovative renewable energy solutions with end-to-end design, operate and delivery 

Community Energy

A new energy market providing customers with Ubi energy technologies through Virtual Power Plants, Microgrid and Minigrids.


Pioneering community mini-grids and regional energy hubs that empower homes and businesses to generate, manage, store and share energy.


Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System (PICESS)

We’re supporting peak demand and helping minimise carbon emissions for Phillip Island.


Solar, battery and community energy

We’re supporting businesses and communities in the Hume region to create a cleaner, more sustainable ecosystem for decades to come. 


Intelligent software to maximise asset value

Whether you have solar, a battery or you just draw your electricity from a grid, the Ubi™ Energy Management Platform will help you monitor and manage your energy.

Power Purchase Agreements for Businesses

Start saving from day 1 for $0 upfront

Buy fixed, low-cost solar energy during the day from a Mondo-owned solar or solar and battery system installed at your site.


A full fleet of Zero Emission Buses on the horizon for Seymour

Mondo are pleased to announce our involvement in the pioneering electrification of Seymour Passenger Services’ bus fleet, with Seymour on track to be the first regional Victorian town to run a full fleet of electric public buses.

About us

At Mondo, we see a bright future

There have never been more options for how we use electricity, water, gas and transport.

We help businesses and communities make sense of what’s possible, then plan and deliver solutions to keep everyone ahead of the rapidly changing landscape.

From connecting Australia’s largest wind farms to the grid, to helping maintain water and gas networks or assisting regional communities to achieve their energy goals, we improve the way things flow today, then seek ways to do this even better tomorrow.

Because when we can help make sense of what’s possible, we think you’ll get excited about the future too.

Mondo. Bright future.

Safety is a way of life at Mondo

At Mondo, safety is a way of life. Everyone is responsible for leading safety.
Our leading value is ‘We work safely’. We never compromise on safety and we genuinely care for the well being of people and our communities.

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