Mondo are key providers in building, operating, mapping, and maintaining infrastructure for the utility, transport and government sectors.


Comprehensive multi-utility metering services | Energy solutions to generate, manage, store and share energy | Fully accredited gas appliance testing.


Pioneering community mini-grids and regional energy hubs that empower homes and businesses to generate, manage, store and share energy.

About us

At Mondo, we see a bright future

There have never been more options for how we use electricity, water, gas and transport.

We help businesses and communities make sense of what’s possible, then plan and deliver solutions to keep everyone ahead of the rapidly changing landscape.
From connecting Australia’s largest wind farms to the grid, to helping maintain water and gas networks or assisting regional communities achieve their energy goals, we improve the way things flow today, then seek ways to do this even better tomorrow.
Because when we can help make sense of what’s possible, we think you’ll get excited about the future too.

Mondo. Bright future.

Launch press release

The dawn of a bright future

Geomatic Technologies, Select Solutions and Mondo Power unite to offer the most comprehensive range of services and solutions to the electricity, water, gas and transport sectors.


What is a Mini-Grid?

A mini grid, sometimes called a virtual power plant connects homes and businesses together so that they can generate, store and share energy.


Business Energy Solutions

We work with you to design, build and optimise your energy system to meet your current and future needs.


We are the leading providers of services and solutions for all stages of the utility infrastructure life-cycle, from the design and build, to operation and maintenance.

Whether it’s high-voltage transmission connections, grid-scale energy storage, world-leading asset monitoring and digital mapping, or workforce management, we bring peerless experience working with infrastructure owners, operators and maintainers.



We design and build systems for efficiency, generation, metering and storage – incorporating solar, battery and other technologies.



Our Energy Hub and Mini Grid projects are developed in collaboration with Shire Councils, local businesses, community groups and government agencies.


Safety is a way of life at Mondo

At Mondo, safety is a way of life. Everyone is responsible for leading safety.
Our leading value is ‘We work safely’. We never compromise on safety and we genuinely care for the well being of people and our communities.

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