Energy as a Service

Reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint and start saving on electricity costs from day one.

Power prices continue to rise and there is a growing pressure for businesses to consider their environmental impact.

Our Energy as a Service solutions utilise solar and battery technology to reduce your overall energy costs, help you migrate to renewable forms of energy, and reduce your dependence on the grid to give you more energy reliability.

By switching to Energy as a Service with Mondo, you could save up to $50,000 over your agreement term with Mondo, and consume up to 97% of your system’s onsite generation*.

$0 Upfront Capital Outflow

Outlay no upfront capital, and benefit from with a cashflow positive solution renewable energy. We work with our installer partners to provide you an optimised solar and battery system, which we manage and maintain for you in exchange for a fixed ongoing payment. By doing so, we increase the performance of your system and reduce asset management risk.

Intelligent Software to Maximise Asset Value

Our intelligent Mondo Platform and locally manufactured energy management device Ubi wrap around a solar and battery solution to enhance the value it can realise. This is enabled by smart algorithms which can predict and orchestrate a site’s flexible loads based on customer preferences, weather events, network tariffs, and external price signals.

Lower, Predictable Energy Bills

By reducing the amount of energy you draw from the grid and managing your site’s peak demand, we can reduce your bills and increase the predictability of your energy costs.

Improved Energy Reliability

Our solar and battery solutions will increase your site’s energy resilience and reliability in the face of power interruptions, helping to reduce operational downtime and lost stock. Our energy management device can pre-charge the battery in preparation for planned outages or sever weather events so that critical site loads are backed up.

Flexible Solutions for All Businesses

No matter your sustainability goals, operational hours, energy profile and energy tariffs, our flexible and dynamic solutions can reduce your energy costs, increase renewable energy consumption, and increase reliability.

Reliable Partner For The Long Term

We know how important it is for customers to have a solution that will be supported over its life. With more than 100 years of network experience, and over $1 billion assets under management, we will ensure your solution is always performing and keep you across new opportunities to access value.

Why Mondo?

We’re future focused, designing custom renewable energy solutions that meet the needs of our customers today, and can scale as your business grows, with access to innovative and emerging solutions like Virtual Power Plants, intelligent automation and insight generation, and national initiatives like our distributed energy marketplace program – EDGE.

And most importantly, we’ll help you save money with competitive rates and finance options.

See how we help our clients

Delatite Wines

Delatite Wines has been on a sustainable path to become carbon neutral by 2025. With the help of Mondo, the Mansfield based winery is on track to achieve this goal with 100KW of solar panels, a 73kWh battery and an intelligent Ubi system under a Power Purchase Agreement.

Key figures:
  • $0 upfront costs under a PPA
  • 100 kilowatt solar system
  • 73kWh battery
  • Working with preferred local installers
  • On track to meet their carbon neutral goal by 2025


“My skills are not in managing power. To know that Mondo has that all under control is just fantastic. It’s all about being renewable, sustainable, and providing both the winery, my children and future generations with a brighter future.”

David Richie

Managing Director of Delatite Wines

Christian College Geelong

Mondo provided the system to Christian College Geelong under a solar Power Purchase Agreement. This arrangement means the school receives the solar system for no upfront cost, and is forecast to see a net saving of $14,000 over their contract term.

The system includes Mondo’s Ubi technology, a smart energy management system for monitoring and energy visibility. 


Key figures:
  • $0 upfront costs
  • 24 kilowatt solar system
  • 78 solar panels
  • An estimated net saving of $14,000 on energy costs
  • 18 – 30 tonne yearly carbon emission reduction


“The combination of cost savings with no up-front cost, clean energy and real time monitoring made this a compelling option for us. Going solar has been a great experience for the school and we are now looking at installing systems across all five of our campuses.” 

Glen McKeeman

Principal, Christian College Geelong 

Want to learn more?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Mondo offers both leases and PPAs to customers, as depending on the type of network tariff and energy rates a customer has, one often makes more sense than the other.

Whereas a lease is a fixed monthly fee charged to the customer over the contract term, a PPA is a fixed c/kWh rate which is charged based on the amount of solar generated by the system each month. PPAs are usually more suited to customers who have higher usage rates than demand charges, and leases are conversely suited to customers who have lower usage energy rates and higher demand charges. 

Both Mondo’s leases and PPAs cover the cost of operating and maintaining the system over the contract life- including our smart energy management IOT device Ubi, as well as our visualisation and reporting platform Mondo Portal. There are also no buy out costs at the end of the contract term for either financing option. 

Agreement term durations are flexible to suit your business needs and procurement policies. Our standard term length options are 10,15 or 20 years, with the ability to buy out your system at any point.

Demand-charges are part of network charges and are calculated based on a sites maximum demand of energy during defined time windows across the year.

Network tariffs vary greatly depending on what distribution network the site is in and how large the site’s energy consumption/profile, and where you are connected on network (LV vs HV).

In some networks, the demand component of the tariff isn’t very high, in others the price signal of demand charges are more significant. Additionally, some tariffs are charged based on maximum demand during one month, whereas others are based on maximum demand over a 12 month periods.

*Estimated $50,000 savings are based on a small Commercial & Industrial customer on AusNet’s NSP27 tariff with a 30kW solar system, assuming a 10 year agreement. These are net savings after Mondo service fees.

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