Ubi™ for Business


Ubi is the command centre for your energy system, giving you the power to optimise usage, operate more efficiently and save money.

At its core, Ubi is a smart meter collecting and analysing data from devices and control circuits wherever it is installed.

With an Ubi on site, you will have unprecedented control over how electricity is being used.

If you have solar or other generation on site, then Ubi will help you determine the best time to use, store or sell energy.

Connect all your sites into a micro-grid and each Ubi will share information across the network, allowing you to redistribute energy intelligently across the micro-grid, reduce waste, and find opportunities to create value.

Go to the portal for near real time, business-relevant information on consumption, generation and storage across your mini-grid and at individual sites.

Access, monitor and control circuits and energy devices at remote sites and , turning them off and on to maximise efficiency and prevent waste.

Ubi gives you visibility and control from an individual premises level right up to the view of your whole multi-site enterprise. Manage it all from your desktop, tablet or smart-phone.

Remotely accessible, multi-level, real-time data empowers you to rapidly respond to energy market changes or localised demand.

Receive alerts and tips via phone or email on consumption, maintenance and movements in the electricity market.

Direct access to all data via API for integration with BMS and demand response.

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