Energy Solutions

Our energy systems allow you to generate, manage, store, and share energy on one integrated network. We optimise the design and operation of your energy system to meet current and future business needs.

Multi-Utility Metering

As one of Australia’s leading multi-utility metering solutions businesses, we provide offerings for installation, maintenance, testing and sub-metering for high and low voltage electricity and water requirements.

Gas Appliance Testing

Leading NATA-accredited gas appliance testing. We work with customers and manufacturers from product development through to testing for compliance with Australian and International Standards.

Energy solutions tailored to your business

Australian businesses power our country’s future. That’s why we look ahead to deliver the best energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

We design and build systems for efficiency, generation, metering and storage – incorporating solar, battery and other technologies.

Our services begin with leading utility metering solutions and progress to fully integrated private mini-grids. These mini-grids, or virtual power plants, connect multiple buildings or sites to monitor, capture, store and share energy right across your enterprise.

Whether your business has one location or hundreds, we transform data from our comprehensive energy monitoring and metering systems into bright solutions for your company’s future.

Aside from energy and utility solutions we also provide leading NATA accredited gas appliance testing.

Safety is a way of life at Mondo

At Mondo, safety is a way of life. Everyone is responsible for leading safety.
Our leading value is ‘We work safely’. We never compromise on safety and we genuinely care for the well being of people and our communities.

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