Stand-Alone Power Systems
Stand-alone power systems 

You might be at the end of the line, but you are not alone.

We’re here to work with you to design, build and maintain an independent power system that works for you.

Properties and businesses situated near the end of the electricity distribution network face a higher likelihood of interrupted electricity supply. Stand-alone power systems provide a reliable, sustainable and secure off-grid power supply for customers in remote locations.


What is a stand-alone power system?

A stand-alone power system typically comprises solar panels, a battery and a backup energy source, working to provide individual property owners with a continuous energy supply without needing a physical network connection. 

Each system includes:

Improving resilience and safety

Stand-alone power systems remove dependency on the physical electricity network, providing customers in bushfire and extreme-weather-prone zones with a more reliable supply of electricity. 

We're with you every step of the way

Mondo will be responsible for all the operation and maintenance of each stand-alone power system, including any repairs, fault rectification and refilling the diesel generator. In addition, remote monitoring technologies ensure all components are working correctly.

A sustainable energy alternative

At all times, our systems aim to use solar energy as the primary source of electricity, only using the back-up generator when required, such as during long periods of cloudy or rainy days. Using a stand-alone power system will increase your uptake in renewable energy, reducing your emissions.

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