Fleet Electrification: connecting you to the grid

The question of fleet electrification is not if, but when. 

The energy industry is undoubtedly leading Australia’s net zero future, and at Mondo, we’re committed to reducing the climate impact of commercial vehicle fleets through innovation and action.

Mondo’s energy infrastructure services will enable electrified fleets to operate and charge efficiently, reliably, sustainably, and cost-effectively. Our holistic view of energy supply, management, optimisation, and usage will help vehicles make the most of their charging activities and power requirements while ensuring ongoing operations.

Whether you run trucks, buses or other commercial vehicles, Mondo Clean Mobility’s expertise can help ensure that your fleet’s transition to electrification is technically, commercially, and operationally successful.

End-to-end EV Fleet Infrastructure design

Energy source options including renewables and storage

Grid connection

Charging hardware and software supply

Product guarantees and warranty management including ongoing O&M

Flexible Asset Ownership structures

Every fleet is different and every fleet electrification project is different.

Your operations are unique and electrification represents a challenging transformation. Our experience and expertise in large-scale energy infrastructure means we understand better than anybody that transitioning to an electrified fleet can be a complex and challenging process, and our goal is to make this process as seamless and risk-free for you as possible. As a leading provider of fleet electrification solutions, Mondo are your industry specialists in the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of electric vehicle charging solutions for your specific needs.

The right technology.

Equipment selection plays a critical role in ensuring that the operational requirements of every fleet are met. We work closely with our partners to select and procure Tier 1 equipment for efficient operations as part of a holistic, integrated solution.

Balancing cost effectiveness, operations and risk.

We ensure maximum uptime and reliability whilst considering cost, operational, and technical factors with real-time charging network monitoring and management services that deliver and optimise system solutions.

We’re here for the long haul.

The team at Mondo provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your charging infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently.

Helping manage risk.

Our asset ownership options allow you to focus on your core operations and future-proof your business whilst we do what we do best which is to own and operate electrical infrastructure. 

Every fleet is different.
Every fleet electrification is different.

The transition to clean mobility is a transformation of a system, not just of technology. We provide an end-to-end “Solution Integration” for vehicle fleet electrification.

We help you:

  • With all stages of the process of electrifying your fleet.
  • Reduce the cost of fleet electrification.
  • Fully integrate with your operations.
  • Create a future-proofed solution.

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Our team of specialists are highly skilled and capable to assist with transitioning fleets within an end-to-end solution. 


Electrification of Fleets

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