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We face increasing challenges regarding energy. Power prices continue to rise and there is growing pressure to consider our environmental impact.

Schools in particular face even more complex energy concerns:

  • Student comfort is linked to educational outcomes.
  • Education is increasingly dependent on energy-consuming devices.
  • Electricity networks cannot always handle load increases, such as installation of airconditioning, without expensive network upgrades which need to be covered by the school.
  • Schools are under increasing pressure to demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability and provide eco friendly learning outcomes.

Power Purchase Agreements can reduce overall energy costs while not restricting cash flow.

A solar Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is a financial agreement between two parties where one generates and sells electricity and the other purchases it for an agreed value and term.

Mondo will design, install and finance a sustainable school solar system – in most cases for no upfront cost. The electricity produced from school solar panels will be sold to you for a fixed rate that is typically lower than your current energy rate.

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Solar – a great fit for schools

  • Schools use most of their energy during the day, when students are in class.
  • Power demand is high during the sunniest times of the day when there is also the most solar energy available.
  • Schools also have a lot of underutilised roof area which is perfect for installing solar panels.

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