Mondo working with leading battery provider

Mondo working with leading battery provider

Mondo is now working together with Sungrow Power, a world-class technology provider, specialising in solar inverters and battery storage solutions.

Sungrow operates in more than 60 countries including; Australia, the USA, and Germany, and provides battery sizes which are highly suitable for business and industrial customers.



The agreement provides Mondo with a range of microgrid and virtual power plant solutions to offer to businesses across Australia.

Sungrow is supplying Mondo with a 137kWh Battery for Yackandandah, making it the first Community owned battery in Australia. Additionally, Mondo is looking to procure a 72kWh containerised battery to form part of the Mondo Community Microgrid in Euroa.

Sungrow is also providing a special offer to supply Solar PV and hybrid inverters for the Ocean Grove Community Solar Program, facilitated by Mondo.

The combination of solar systems with battery storage and intelligent hardware, like the Mondo Ubi, makes possible a future where local energy sharing means communities have 100% renewable, 100% resilient and 100% locally-sourced power.

Dhammika Adihetty from Mondo and Joe Zhou from Sungrow