Euroa Micro grid kicks off

Euroa Micro grid kicks off

In August, Mondo took a crucial step in the effort to rewrite the power supply in Euroa by installing the first Ubi at Euroa Environment Group president’s business, Brady & Kibble.

First Ubi install! Pictured from left is Shirley Saywell (Euroa Environment Group, Brady & Kibble), Johnny Walker (Mondo), Marcus Mackrell (BDNE solar installer), Kayla George (Mondo)

This Ubi was the first in Euroa as part of the DELWP funded project and marks a physical start point to create a clever power supply for local businesses and for the Euroa town.

With support from Mondo, Euroa Environment Group won $680,000 from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in October 2018 to launch the Euroa Micro grid Demonstration project. This project aims to increase power reliability while creating savings for participants through a micro grid system comprising of rooftop solar PV, battery systems as well as smart metering and energy management technology (Mondo’s Ubi).

The project also serves as a visible demonstration of local power generation in small towns that benefits both the community and electricity network.

The project funding will go towards community engagement, battery storage subsidies for businesses, 20 residential Ubi’s as well as micro grid design and operation.

Micro grids are a key part of our renewable energy future. They reduce reliance on energy from the grid by allowing communities to source more energy from clean, locally generated sources, such as rooftop solar and community-owned energy farms. Importantly, micro grids also unlock the potential for energy sharing and ultimately cost savings.

Mondo are offering businesses in Euroa special solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) as an affordable way for business to utilize energy from renewable sources. A solar PPA is a financial agreement between two parties where one generates and sells electricity and the other purchases it for an agreed value and term. Learn more about PPA’s here.

Mondo’s Ubi technology will be at the heart of the project with the provision real-time analysis of energy activity. This analysis will be used to make clever decisions about the use and generation of electricity across participating properties. Mondo expects these decisions to save property owners money and, through micro grid testing and trials, will provide key learnings to help improve the dramatic fluctuations in electricity flows in the local network.

Currently, Mondo are working with local Euroa businesses to design suitable solar PV, battery storage and Ubi systems and we expect to have all systems installed by March 2020. In parallel, Mondo are developing the Mondo Platform in order to perform tests to demonstrate the orchestration and capability of the micro grid.

The project is expected to run until mid-2021.