Putting power in your hands

Whether you have solar, a battery or you just draw your electricity from a grid, Ubi will help you monitor and manage your energy.

Ubi monitors your electricity use, solar system and battery, sending fast, accurate information to computer, smartphone or tablet so you can watch your energy flow in real time.

Simple charts and comparisons help you understand your usage and impact—for example, how much your solar system has reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Ubi will also send alerts when you are using a lot of energy, reminders when it’s time to clean your solar panels, and recommendations to add a battery if your solar system frequently generates surplus.

You can also turn appliances, like your hot water service or pool pump, on or off from anywhere with a click or a swipe.

Making the mini grid possible

When multiple homes or businesses in an area have an UbiTM these systems form a network to communicate with one another and enable a range of benefits including the power to:

  • Establish and track community renewable energy targets
  • Compare your energy use and renewable energy generation to your community
  • Unlock the potential to trade energy locally

Helpful hints and notifications

Being more aware of your energy use gives you the power to operate more efficiently.

Ubi sends helpful hints and notifications to your phone.

Get high energy usage alerts, reminders when it’s time to clean your solar panels, and guidance on when you should consider adding a battery.

Command and control

Ubi provides you with access to powerful tools and information via an easy to use portal on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Turn your hot water service or pool pump on or off from anywhere with the click of a mouse or a swipe of your finger.

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