Ubi™ Energy Management Platform

Ubi™ Energy Management Platform

Whether you have solar, a battery or you just draw your electricity from a grid, the Ubi™ Energy Management Platform will help you monitor and manage your energy.

Ubi™ monitors your electricity use, solar system and battery, sending fast, accurate information to computer, smartphone or tablet so you can watch your energy flow in near real-time.

Simple charts, comparisons and notifications help you understand your usage so that you can maximise your use of renewable energy to reduce energy costs, and track your impact on the environment.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia

Ubi™ was developed by Mondo to give communities and businesses more options with how they interact with the energy system.

Born out of a project in Yackandandah, Victoria, to support the town’s vision of achieving 100% renewable energy, Ubi™ has evolved to be an all-in-one visibility, control and optimisation platform that enables communities and businesses to get the most out of their energy assets and track renewable energy targets.

Developed to provide a single point of reference for all energy data including solar, battery and grid usage, our Ubi™ Energy Management Platform provides advanced data visualisation and reporting.

Mondo Ubi™ Management Platform provides:

  • Near real-time energy monitoring accessible through the Ubi™ Portal
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Downloadable historic data to see trends
  • Identify irregular or abnormal consumption patterns

Analyse and respond to your energy usage trends and market price fluctuations to save even more money on your electricty bill.

Ubi™ Energy Management Platform allows you to:

  • Adopt energy-efficient behaviour by aligning low-cost solar generation with consumption
  • Respond to alerts triggered by high energy prices
  • Identify when a battery install is likely to make economic sense
  • Allows solar systems to be installed in zero export or export limited areas

When connected to Ubi™, you can turn appliances (e.g. your hot water service or pool pump) off and on from any web-connected device. You can even track individual energy usage for these connected appliances.

Ubi™ also has integrated Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) control functionality.

Mondo is firmly at the forefront of Australia’s energy landscape so you’ll always be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Ubi™ allows you to:

  • Participate in Virtual Power Plants
  • Access to demand response and energy sharing programs
  • Access revenue streams by supporting Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS)

When multiple homes or businesses in an area have an Ubi™ these systems form a network to communicate with one another and enable a range of benefits including the power to:

  • Establish and track community renewable energy targets
  • Compare your energy use and renewable energy generation to your community
  • Unlock the potential to trade energy locally

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