Omeo’s Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program
Community Energy

Reliable, renewable and resilient energy that works for you and your community.

In response to the 2019-20 fire season, the Victorian Government’s Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Action (DEECA) and AusNet initiated a feasibility study to develop innovative energy infrastructure for extreme weather support. By increasing distributed energy supplies, Omeo can remain connected during network disruptions using solar systems, batteries, generators, and the Mondo Ubi smart energy controller.

The three-stage program aims to strengthen the local energy network and support high-risk communities.

Essential properties will continue functioning during outages, ensuring relief hubs remain active. Residents in Omeo can participate and support energy resilience by installing a solar and battery system at their homes.

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Omeo Energy Resilience Fact Sheet

The Omeo Community Microgrids and Sustainable Energy Program aims to enhance the energy resilience of the Omeo community. Read more in our fact sheet.

The back up generator at the co-located Ambulance & Fire Station has provided invaluable. Solar power would enhance the location even more so. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A resilient local electricity supply can provide electricity services even when the grid experiences an outage.

Energy resilience in Omeo is achieved by increasing renewable energy resources on community buildings and properties, to have the initiative to work independently on a daily but then work together in coordination when traditional energy resources or extreme events take place within the community impacting energy supply.

Suitable essential services and critical businesses will receive a solar system and battery designed to support their individual energy needs during an outage. In addition, essential services providers will receive a backup generator. Eligible residents will receive heat pumps that reduce the energy demand on the grid and can be triggered to store heat before an outage, which will decrease energy demand on the community battery during an outage. All participating energy systems will also have a smart energy management device (Mondo Ubi) installed to optimise and coordinate energy use.

• Improve the reliability and resilience of the electricity supply

• Support energy security in the event of an emergency for the community

• Reduce reliance on the broader energy system by generating power locally • Reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability

• Maximise the amount of locally generated solar energy while reducing annual energy bills.

• In the future, surplus electricity may be shared among participants of the microgrid, sold back to the grid or in the future even donated to a school, charity or other community organisation.

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