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Working with Lifestyle Meridian to design and build a sustainable community energy solution.

Mondo is proud to provide Lifestyle Meridian with a first-of-its-kind behind-the-meter energy solution that harnesses the power and scale of a community microgrid. Our innovative design offers a unique approach that allows the community to optimise the production and consumption of energy locally within the microgrid while still maintaining all the benefits of being connected to the network.

“Providing clean and sustainable energy not only helps us in reducing the cost of living, but also fits our commitment as a business to prioritise social and environmental sustainability across our operations.”

Lifestyle Communities – Managing Director James Kelly


Lifestyle Communities

Lifestyle Communities aims to empower a more enhanced life for retirees, semi-retirees, and working downsizers by offering affordable, beautifully designed, low-maintenance homes alongside top-class amenities. With a strong belief in being socially, morally, and ethically responsible, Lifestyle Communities emphasises quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, as evidenced by their high referral rates and commitment to enhancing homeowners’ lives.

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Harnessing the power of community energy.

It’s power generated locally, stored locally and used locally.

The entire community enjoys equal benefits from our environmentally friendly energy solution. It’s power generated locally, stored locally and used locally. By installing solar panels on one out of every three homes, storing the generated energy in a local community battery, and then distributing this power throughout the community, we’ve created an energy system that is not only green but also efficient and cost-saving.

Key project figures

The largest microgrid of its kind

It’s good for developers, good for homeowners and good for the environment.

  • 6 kW of solar panels connected to one out of every three homes, forming its own self-serving virtual power plant.
  • Lifestyle Communities Meridian BESS stores the community’s solar energy for use in peak times.
  • Reducing Lifestyle Meridian’s homeowners’ electricity bills by up to 30%
  • 600 tonnes of reduced emissions per year.
  • Mondo’s Ubi portal deployed, enabling real-time monitoring generation and use.
  • To keep the homeowners updated, the display shows the cars removed and trees planted due to their renewable

Ubi™ Energy Management Platform

The Ubi™ platform enables the community to harness and utilise solar energy efficiently, managing the energy usage of the whole community to ensure that every kilowatt-hour is used to its maximum potential, translating into direct benefits like cost savings and reduced carbon footprints for the community.

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