Mondo working with Wodonga TAFE

Mondo working with Wodonga TAFE

Mondo and Cherry Energy Solutions have partnered with Wodonga TAFE to deliver a 600 kilowatt rooftop solar system comprising 1584 solar panels across 11 buildings.

Wodonga TAFE is a tertiary education institution situated in north-eastern Victoria near the border with New South Wales. They have highlighted growth and sustainability as being of strategic importance and this new microgrid will support both these areas as well as assist in reducing costs.

Mondo will be deploying Ubi, the award-winning device, designed and made in Melbourne, which will provide innovative load sharing capabilities, real-time monitoring and enhanced management of energy produced by the solar system.

Mondo is working with a growing number of forward thinking educational institutions, including Deakin University and Wodonga TAFE, who are seeking to become more sustainable, reduce costs and provide hands-on educational opportunities through the installation of on-campus energy micro-grids.