Mondo celebrates the success of the Geelong Community Solar Program

Mondo celebrates the success of the Geelong Community Solar Program

The Geelong Community Solar Program is Victoria’s largest community solar and battery bulk-buy program. A regional incentive for Geelong residents and businesses to invest in solar panels and battery systems.

Community not-for-profit group Geelong Sustainability selected Mondo and RACV Solar as project delivery partners. Supported by local councils and community groups, the program leveraged the buying power of the community to provide quality and supported solar and battery storage for homes and businesses by using local installers to positively impact the local economy, grid, and environment.

The program was open to homeowners and businesses across the Greater Geelong, Surf Coast, Colac, Otway, Golden Plains Shires, and Borough of Queenscliffe, serving a region of about 370,000 people across 9,000km2. The overarching goal of the program was to install 2.5MW of solar capacity.

In February 2022, the program exceeded its initial 250 business and residential solar customer targets. Battery and Ubi Energy Management Platform take-up across 54 residential customers made them eligible for Mondo Virtual Power Plant (VPP) participation.

In addition to making a meaningful contribution to Victoria’s target of generating 50 percent renewable energy by 2030, it’s estimated the 2.5MW being added to the grid will save more than 2,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year – with the capacity to power around 700 homes.

The program also trialed Mondo’s Ubi Energy Management Platform service for the first time. This service enables energy data visibility for customers alongside asset and voltage monitoring services, enhancing customers’ visibility of how their energy assets are performing as well as providing data to support sustainability reporting for businesses. All residential battery customers are able to opt into Mondo’s VPP, enabling them to access more value from their batteries.

“Mondo is delighted to be able to showcase our pioneering technology to support the Geelong community in their transition to renewable energy,” said Dhammika Adihetty, Mondo General Manager, Distributed Energy. 

“It’s exciting to participate in such an important program, offering power savings for local communities as well as delivering renewable energy solutions,” he said.

By aggregating these distributed batteries, Mondo is able to provide services to support the grid, increase the amount of renewable energy that can be supported and reduce the need for further grid augmentation – costs of which are borne by end customers.


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