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We ensure your metering is compliant with all National Electricity Rules.

Australian businesses power our country’s future. That’s why we look ahead to deliver the best energy solutions for today and tomorrow.

Mondo is one of Australia’s leading multi-utility metering solutions businesses. We provide tailored offerings to commercial and industrial customers, electricity authorities, energy retailers and consultants.

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What we do

High voltage metering products and services

We ensure that your metering infrastructure is safe and the data is accurate for market billing.

From metering advisory to ongoing testing and detailed data analysis, we provide a tailored range of products and services and our high voltage experts can help you establish the best solution for your installation. 

Post-commissioning metering and reporting

Mondo provides both contestable ‘market’ and sub-metering ‘off-market’ services. We can design a metering solution to allow a granular solution view of your electricity usage. 

  • Metering Coordinator 
  • Meter Provider 
  • Meter Data Provider
  • Web portals for data visualisation and reporting 

Ubi smart energy management system

Ubi is an advanced energy monitoring and management system that delivers accurate and timely energy consumption information with the following benefits:

  • Multi-level, multi-circuit, real time data
  • Remote access via any web connected device 
  • Monitoring import and export of solar and battery systems 

Power quality metering and analysis

We offer a real time power quality metering solution which can be used to monitor and analyse fluctuations in voltage and current harmonics. 


High voltage advisory services

Our team works directly with customers and project managers to provide guidance and advice on all aspects of HV metering.

These services include:

  • Metering scope advisory 
  • Process and engineering and advice 
  • AEMO application and registration 
  • Coordination with DNSP to obtain and register a NMI

Pre-commissioning and installation

Our pre-commissioning services ensure an on-schedule, compliant and efficient metering installation. 

  • Design, scoping and drawings
  • In-house manufacture and build of meter panels
  • Pre-commission testing, installation commission and post-installation follow up

Testing and ongoing compliance

Our ongoing compliance package is specifically designed to provide peace of mind that your metering assets are operating correctly and to be there for you if a fault arises.

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