Energy Storage

Storage solutions with integrated smart technology

Trusted Guidance

Our experts will conduct a detailed analysis of your site, electricity bill and usage habits to determine the most economic battery solution for your business. Mondo will then guide you through the entire process – from installation to system support.

You’re in good hands – Mondo is a trusted industry leader in energy with strong installer and manufacturer partnerships.

Save today. Trade tomorrow.

Our experienced team will ensure that a battery will make economic sense for your business today, whilst ensuring that you are prepared for opportunities of tomorrow. 

Mondo is firmly at the forefront of Australia’s energy landscape, with Virtual Power Plant (VPP) enabled technology, trials in demand response and energy sharing, you’ll always be ready for tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Monitoring & Control

Every battery system includes our Mondo Platform and Ubi® technology – offering your business near real-time energy data online, with integrated energy reporting.

Mondo Ubi® offers active monitoring and control your battery – allowing you to automatically charge and discharge at times that save you money.

Use cheaper energy

Many small to medium businesses face high consumption/usage charges on their bill caused by using energy from the grid during peak periods. Batteries can enable you to store energy from your solar system, or from the grid during off-peak periods, to use during peak periods instead.

Performed by our smart energy management device (Ubi), this service, known as ‘load shifting’, can reduce your consumption charges, and hence reduce your energy bill.

Reduce your demand charges

Many medium to large businesses face expensive demand charges on their bill, which are caused by spikes in their energy demand usually from energy-intensive equipment such as machinery or heating/cooling appliances. With our smart technology, batteries can be programmed to discharge energy when these spikes in demand occur.

This service, known as ‘peak lopping’, can reduce demand charges, and hence reduce your energy bill.

Increase energy security

Power outages, even for one minute, can mean a loss of production or loss of stock. Energy storage can safeguard your business continuity against planned or unplanned power outages. 

Expand your operations

Onsite generation and storage can help to expand your operations whilst having minimal impact on the network, therefore saving your business having to foot the bill on expensive network upgrades.

Data & Reporting

Our Mondo Platform and Ubi® technology offer your business near real-time energy data online, with integrated energy reporting.

The system also allows you to actively monitor and control assets – even allowing you to turn them on/off remotely, or automatically based on your rules. 

Participate in future markets

Energy storage give you the opportunity to participate in future energy markets. Trade energy, support the network and be rewarded with incentives. 

Mondo is currently conducting research with AEMO to develop these future markets involving Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

Mondo’s energy systems also offer the ability to join Virtual Power Plants (VPP).

Extend your transition to renewables

Energy storage gives you the power to use more renewable energy, typically generated from solar systems. 

By storing solar energy you can continue to use green energy even when the sun goes down, or through periods of poor weather.

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