Ubi 3G shut down

Ubi 2.0 3G communications network closure

Wondering what Telstra’s upcoming 3G network closure means for you and your Ubi 2.0? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help. 

No, Telstra is removing its oldest mobile technology, 3G, and repurposing it to expand their faster network.  Unfortunately, this means your Ubi Portal will no longer receive data from your Ubi device when 3G is turned off after 30 June 2024.

No, the Ubi 2.0 modem does not support 4G cellular networks.

Yes, you can purchase a 4G cellular data subscription which costs $100 per annum for 5-minute portal data.

Please ensure that your wireless router is surrounded by open air, away from walls and obstructions, to prevent interference. You may also consider installing Wi-Fi extenders to boost the reach of your Wi-Fi signal or relocate your modem closer to your Ubi.

The latest version of Mondo hardware is Ubi 3.0, which supports Wi-Fi and 4G mobile networks. By upgrading to the latest model, you can enjoy advanced functionality and system reliability. Ubi 3.0 supports single, two, and three-phase metering, allowing you to monitor up to six appliances (channels) for energy monitoring.

Mondo is offering a discounted rate of $500 for Ubi 3.0 which includes a 2-year Ubi portal subscription.  After 2 years, you will need to purchase a portal subscription for $60 per annum.

To apply for your new Ubi 3.0 system, please apply here. 

We have a range of accredited installers that will visit your property to set up and install your new system. 

To apply for your new Ubi 3.0 system, please here. 

The installation cost to upgrade your system will need to be covered by the property owner. 

You will be billed for the set up and install process via one of our trusted accredited installers who will contact you after form submission to update your Ubi has been processed. 

Form can be found here.

Yes, however, you will no longer be able to access near real-time and historical data for monitoring and system analysis.

The export limit refers to the maximum amount of power that your system can send back to the electricity grid. It is determined by your Network Service Provider to ensure safe operation of electrical network (poles and wires). 

The export limit is programmed onto your inverter and Ubi device. The export limit uses real time solar production and energy usage information to calculate and apply your site export limit. It requires a stable connection to both the inverter and Ubi to function correctly. If you are generating more energy than you are using, the excess energy you send back to the grid is constrained to the export limit. 

Yes so long as there are no issues with your inverter or Ubi device, your system will continue to correctly apply your export limit. There can however be an impact with your system’s energy production if there is an issue with your inverter or Ubi device. Please contact us if this is the case. 

Yes, your system will still contribute to the community mini-grid.

A mini grid connects a group of energy users together, empowering them to generate, store and share energy.

The homes and businesses in a mini grid can be a mix of those with just solar, solar and batteries or even just participate as consumers of locally generated clean energy.

  • Energy sourced from the grid is significantly reduced. This maximises the amount sourced from locally generated, clean, cheap, solar energy.
  • Multiple locations, solar systems and batteries working as a team mean a higher potential for the mini grid to remain self-sufficient and avoid outages.
  • Surplus energy can be shared amongst participants in the mini grid, sold back to the grid or even donated to a school, charity or other community organisation.

Set, track and achieve community targets

With Ubi™, members of the mini-grid share information about energy generation, storage and use, empowering the community to set renewable energy targets. Ubi™ also unlocks the potential to trade energy locally through a community energy retailer.

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