Ubi software update optimises data accuracy

Ubi software update optimises data accuracy

The Mondo Ubi development team are continuously reviewing and developing Ubi’s features to deliver the highest quality data for businesses and homes.

As part of a recent review, we have improved the way we capture data from inverter and metering devices. The change involves directly reading accumulated data readings from the meters internal register rather than Ubi measuring energy and performing the accumulation calculation ourselves. This change guarantees alignment between what Ubi records and the energy data used by your retailer for billing.

The update, among others, have been in development over the past several months and will further optimise Ubi’s data accuracy and open up the door for future capabilities.

A note to existing Ubi users

Though you do not need to do anything (the update will be deployed remotely), you may see a temporary, single spike in the representation of energy generation data displayed on the portal Mondo Portal. Please disregard this spike if it appears in your energy charts.

If you have any question about this update please email the Mondo Support team.

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