Packed to the rafters

Packed to the rafters

Last week’s community energy launch in Avenel was, quite literally packed to the rafters. There was equal enthusiasm in Seymour and Nagambie as residents and businesses learnt of the opportunity to receive discounted batteries and participate in  Mondo’s Project EDGE, a nation-leading energy transition program.

Project EDGE is an opportunity for home and business owners to join a new energy market trial that allows participants to produce renewable energy with their solar panels, store it using a battery and test offering services to the local electricity network in ways that have not been done before in Australia.

Working with local community groups; Mitchell Community Energy, Go Nagambie and APPRE (Avenel Pilot Program Renewable Energy),  locals attended Project EDGE information sessions with full enthusiasm. Attendees learnt about system pricing, trial activities and trial benefits such as cheaper power, reduced carbon emissions and a more reliable electricity supply.

Participants will receive several incentives over the trial period as well as an opportunity to purchase a subsidised solar and battery system to help reduce the cost of energy bills and carbon emissions. The program will also work towards improving the reliability of the electricity grid to the benefit of electricity users by dynamically optimising the flow of electricity.

In addition to the financial benefits on offer for the participants, the project is working with local installers to play a significant role in helping local communities meet their renewable energy and sustainability goals.

As the Australian energy transition to a more sustainable generation continues to evolve and becomes an important issue for communities, this is an exciting opportunity for home and business owners in Hume to be a part of that greener future.

People interested in learning more about Project EDGE  or seeking to submit an expression of interest can visit for more information.