Mondo takes on the Smart Energy Council Conference 2021

Mondo takes on the Smart Energy Council Conference 2021

Last week, our very own Bronte Wilson, Innovation and Partnership Analyst, flew down to Sydney to represent the Mondo brand at the Smart Energy Council Conference, as one of their panel speakers. 

Below she shares her experiences when sharing Mondo’s goals and values at this innovating event. 

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending the Smart Energy Council Conference in Sydney, and presenting at the Better Products and Innovation session.

In addressing the session’s theme, I spoke on the importance of utilising technology to maximize business value, adopting innovative business models, and data lead strategies for customers.

My talking points were informed by our experience as a technology manufacturer, designing and refining the brains of our storage solutions, including Mondo’s capability as an aggregator in unlocking more value streams to customers with their assets.

It was impressive to learn from other panelists of different product innovation being deployed across the solar industry, all of which contributes to reduced costs and increased efficiency of an already mature technology.

The key message that I took away from the conference were:

  • It takes everyone moving forward and working together to progress the climate crisis we are collectively facing
  • On-going customer care is vital for business value and success during the lifespan of installed systems
  • Designing products with a customer centric lens will always be superior for success
Pictured: Dominic Toffolon, Bronte Wilson and Gary Butcher