Healesville community energy program launches

Healesville community energy program launches

Healesville group continues campaign to become Net Zero carbon town by 2027!

Healesville CoRE, in partnership with Mondo, officially launched their first community solar and battery offer late in February. The community group has the admirable goal to help Healesville transition to a Net Zero carbon town by 2027.

Over 200 locals attended two information sessions on February 26th, 2019. A business-specific information breakfast was also held the following morning. The sessions were an opportunity to learn about what exactly is being offered, and how the community as a whole can benefit by participating. Amongst other things, attendees learnt about:

  • The trusted technology on offer and why it was selected
  • Smart energy monitoring and management
  • Community goal tracking of community energy
  • Opening up the potential to “share” energy in the future
  • Government subsidies

Locals could then submit an expression of interest before registering for a property assessment. Those who sign up will go on to have a high-quality solar system installed, along with a Mondo Ubi smart energy device.

“It’s an exciting time for us”, said Healesville CoRE founder, Jeff Barlow, “This solar and battery offer is the first step of many towards transforming Healesville into a renewable energy town. Yes, it’s about getting panels on roofs, but it’s also about educating the community and encouraging smart energy use. Mondo has been a huge partner on both counts. We now set our sights on the installation phase of this project!”.

Whilst it’s early days for the project, the response so far has been positive. Matthew Charles-Jones, Community Engagement Partner at Mondo, said “It’s great to see communities rally together around a common goal. Healesville CoRE have been incredibly driven and we look forward to seeing the project come to life in the coming months.”

If you live in the 3777 postcode and want to learn more please register your details on the Healesville CoRE website here.

Healesville CoRE is active in the community and have a motivational and diverse range of educational events each year. If you live in the area, please follow the link to learn more about energy efficiency, emerging technologies and systems to support a just and ambitious transition to renewable energy systems.