Delatite goes greener with 100KW Solar Panels, 73kWh battery and Ubi

Delatite goes greener with 100KW Solar Panels, 73kWh battery and Ubi

Delatite Winery has installed 100KW solar panels, 73kWh battery and Ubi as it pushes towards becoming carbon neutral by 2025.

The solar panel arrays at the winery in the picturesque Buller Mountain ranges was completed in May 2021.

Mondo provided the solar panels, battery and Ubi under its Power Purchase Agreement program. Mondo’s Ubi is a smart energy management system for monitoring and providing visibility to the winery’s energy usage.

Entering into Mondo’s Power Purchase Agreement enabled Delatite to keep capital costs down and confidence that the energy systems are maintained, monitored and updated by Mondo.

Globally, the winemaking process can be complex and known to negatively impact the environment from high energy consumption, due to the intense heating and cooling stages of the grapes during the fermentation process.

Managing Director, David Richie, said that he understands consumers’ increasing desire for companies to make cleaner and greener wine, and becoming carbon neutral was the most significant contribution the company could make as it heads towards net zero emissions by 2025.

“My skills are not in managing power. To know that Mondo has that all under control is just fantastic. It’s all about being renewable, sustainable, and providing both the winery, my children and future generations with a brighter future,” said Mr Richie.

General Manager Distributed Energy, Dhammika Adihetty, said that Delatite’s 28-hectare vineyard was in a position to “shape how the wine industry navigates the energy transition.”

“Mondo is proud to have partnered with Delatite on this project as part of a renewable energy reduction roadmap, and supported Delatite to deliver a comprehensive plan to reduce emissions within their operations,” he said.