An exciting development: Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System receives AEMO approval.

An exciting development: Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System receives AEMO approval.


Mondo is pleased to share that our Phillip Island Community Energy Storage System (PICESS) has received the 5.3.4A letter meaning that the generator performance standards submitted have been accepted, and connection to the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is now possible. We send many thanks to AEMO and DNSP AusNet Services for their due diligence reviewing our connection studies.

The project has just finished construction overcoming the many challenges faced due to the extraordinary wet weather encountered this year. Mondo, our EPC partner Tec-C and DNSP AusNet Services are working hard to complete the testing to ensure that when connected to the grid, the battery meets all necessary safety and performance standards. The fact that AEMO has now given its approval has cleared the way for full registration and connection early next year.

The PICESS offers a renewable energy alternative that also provides greater energy reliability for locals. The Phillip Island region has shown a need for reliable peak-season supply over the summer period. The purpose of this system is to provide residents with consistent and reliable electricity alongside supporting Australia’s net zero goals through the heightened uptake in renewable energy.

As a result of our many innovative and complex projects dedicated to advocating Australia’s renewable energy transition, we are also excited to share that The Essential Services Commission has granted Mondo a Victorian Energy Generation and Sale Licence for the PICESS. Mondo looks forward to satisfying the conditions of the licence over the life of the PICESS project and we welcome the exciting opportunities that come with this in the new year.

“The team at Mondo are thrilled to have reached two significant milestones for this very important and exciting project to close off a fantastic 2022.”

Ishaan Anand, PICESS Project Manager, Mondo