High Voltage and Chemical Testing Services

We have capabilities to test for generator and motor testing on site for businesses assets. Many of our testing equipment is one-of-a-kind within Australia, and made in house. 

Generator and Motors:

  • Stator – Insulation Resistance
  • Stator – DDF and Capacitance 
  • Stator – Partial Discharge 
  • Stator – DC Resistance 
  • Rotor – Insulation Resistance 
  • Rotor – DC Resistance 
  • Rotor – AC Impedance 
  • Rotor – Recurrent Surge Oscillograph 

Other Primary Assets (Bushing, Instrument Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Switchgears) 

  • Insulation Resistance 
  • DDF and Capacitance*
  • DC Winding Resistance* 
  • HV Withstand (up to 700 kV)
  • Partial Discharge Measurement


Additional services that can be serviced on request include SF6 Leak Detection and Electric & Magnetic Field Measurements 

*where applicable 

Our NATA accredited laboratory offers a comprehensive range of oil and gas chemical analysis services.

Tests include
  • Dissolved Gas Analysis (Headspace DGA)
  • Oil quality and condition
  • Oil electrical insulating properties
  • Monitoring of Oil’s additives
  • Detection of cellulosic insulation condition
  • Gas analysis including SF6 Gas Analysis (new and in use)

We offer independent advice regarding the condition of assets. Mondo has no affiliations with transformer manufacturers or oil treatment/refurbishment operators.

To further ensure accurate results, we offer your team with training on sampling techniques and we can provide special sampling kits for sample collection.

Mondo provides a wide range of testing services on Medium (MV) to High Voltage (HV) and Extra High Voltage (EHV) power cables and accessories.

Some of our testing services include
  • pre-commissioning/commissioning test
  • Condition assessment test
  • Power Frequency test/PD measurement
  • VLF/VLF-PD/Tan & measurement
  • Damped AC test
  • Sheath Integrity test
  • Phasing & Continuity check
  • Time Domain Reflectometry
  • Fault Location
  • Impedance measurements and more.

A power transformer is a critical high value piece of equipment requiring thorough inspection and testing during manufacturing, installation, and commissioning stages.

Electrical testing can reveal manufacturing and design defects, internal deficiencies, damage or risk from transportation and onsite assembly.

Factory testing and on-site acceptance establishes baseline data for future testing and asset life management.

We have the capability to perform these tests on site. 

  • Insulation Resistance and Polarisation Index 
  • DC Winding Resistance 
  • On Load Tap Charger (OLTC) Tap Check
  • Dynamic OLTC Scan 
  • Ratio, Vector Group and Magnetising Current 
  • Dielectric Dissipation Factor and Capacitance 
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis 
  • Short Circuit Impedance (three / single phase) 
  • Zero sequence impedance 
  • No Load Loss and Magnestising Current 
  • Dielectric Frequency Response 
  • Separate Source Over-Voltage Withstand (up to 700 kV)
  • Induced Over-Voltage Withstand tests
  • Partial Discharge Measurement and localisation
  • WTI and OTI Calibration Checks 

We offer a complete range of High Voltage diagnostic, pre-commissioning and condition monitoring testing of electrical plant up to 500kV.

The majority of electrical failures of electrical plant can be traced to insulation failure or breakdown. Only by establishing baseline data and performing regular periodic tests can trending data be post analysed to determine true indications of the insulation and plant condition.

Condition monitoring assessment of inservice transformers generally comprise of tests designed to identify degradation of dielectric paths due to thermal overload, ageing, moisture and mechanical wear and
vibration. The type of asset, age, condition, location, utilisation, loading and adopted asset management strategy, typically determines the frequency of periodic transformer testing. 

Non-Invasive Testing Services

Electrical assets that are failing have a range of different characteristics that can be captured using a variety of hand-held and vehicle mounted sensors.

Our non-invasive testing services include
  • Corona
  • Thermographic survey (infrared)
  • PD airborne acoustic
  • Ultrasonic scanning
  • SF6 leak detection

High Voltage (HV) Metering


From metering advisory to ongoing testing and detailed data analysis, we provide a tailored range of products and services and our high voltage experts can help you establish the best solution for your installation.

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