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There’s never been a better time to get a solar and battery system that can back up your home’s energy.

We are seeking expressions of interest from homeowners in your local area who wish to explore how you can secure a subsidised home battery system by participating in the Mondo Virtual Power Plant.

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Mondo is determined to increase the energy reliability of the network to support fewer interruptions and a higher percentage of renewable energy for everyone.

To enable this, we are launching a new virtual power plant in selected areas that will aggregate a network of batteries to provide support services to both customers and the grid.


What does participation in a VPP involve?

Participating in a VPP means connecting your home battery to a network of batteries through a smart device called a Mondo Ubi. At times of high energy demand on the grid we will partially discharge the batteries in the VPP to support the stability of energy supply for all energy users.

As a participant in a Mondo VPP you will also experience more protection from electricity outages. Your Mondo Ubi device will ensure your battery is charged and ready for planned network outages and some extreme weather events, so in those circumstances, if the power goes off, you can keep the lights on.


What do i get for participating?

In exchange for signing up to the VPP and allowing Mondo to manage your battery, you will get $1800 excluding GST off the price of your battery system and a free Mondo Ubi energy management device valued at over $1000. 

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What is a VPP?

A virtual power plant or VPP is a network of small electricity generators (like rooftop solar) and consumers, working cooperatively to achieve a stronger shared and interdependent outcome.

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