Mondo brand announcement
Mondo brand update

The beginning of December saw the existing Mondo brand evolve to incorporate AusNet Services’ other commercial businesses – Geomatic Technologies and Selection Solutions. Mondo will provide the most comprehensive range of services and technology for essential infrastructure across the energy, water and transport sectors.

The re-brand has meant a slight change of design for the existing Mondo brand, and a complete overhaul for Geomatic Technologies and Select Solutions. Existing Mondo (community energy) customers will notice a prominent use of yellow and orange for the overarching brand, and green to symbolise Community Energy.

Regarding the re-brand, Nino Ficca, Managing Director of AusNet Services said “People, communities and businesses are demanding more affordability, flexibility, reliability and sustainability right across the board. This includes the way they use, capture and store electricity, gas and water. Mondo brings together the personnel, experience and industry knowledge to best cater to this challenging changing landscape.”

Select Solutions and Geomatic Technologies have for years been the leaders in metering, mobile and spatial technology solutions for the utility and transport industries. Mondo began in 2017, focusing on distributed energy offerings such as mini-grids, virtual power plants and energy management for commercial and community partners.

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It’s an exciting change for the business as we look forward to building a bright future!