What does $1 of electricity get you?

What does $1 of electricity get you?

Energy prices are an almost constant topic of conversation in the media and in households and business across Australia.

These conversations often relate to rising prices or perhaps how power bills are structured, but have you ever thought about what you really get for $1 worth of electricity?

Recently Energy Networks Australia (ENA) launched a handy infographic demonstrating what household tasks you can accomplish for the cost of about $1 worth of electricity on your next power bill.

Did you know?

About $1 worth of electricity will charge your phone for an entire year

ENA’s infographic is very simple to understand and conveniently broken down into categories including cleaning and cooking. 

Andrew Dillon, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Networks Australia, said the factsheet would help give customers more understanding of the relative cost of everyday appliances and how their energy use may impact the grid at peak times.

“We want customers to be more aware of their energy use to give them more control,” Mr Dillon said.

Mr Dillon also had advice for those with solar panels advising them to “think about running your dishwasher, pool pump or washing machine in the middle of the day rather than when you get home.”

What does $1 worth of energy get you?

Infographic courtesy of Energy Networks Australia

Click here to read the full ENA media release.

Energy Networks Australia is the national industry body representing Australia’s electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution networks.