Water efficiency program saves schools $28.2 million

Water efficiency program saves schools $28.2 million

The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) assists Victorian schools to monitor water usage, which helps identify leaks and educate students on water consumption.

With schools closed during COVID-19, it’s an ideal time to ensure schools are “watertight”.

Mondo has proudly been the installers for the SWEP initiative since it started in 2012. With over 1,240 schools registered across the state, the program has helped these schools save 8.9 billion litres of water which would have cost them more than $28.2 million in water and wastewater charges.

The Mondo Digital Water Team have been focused on ensuring schools across the Vic Metro area have daily access to their water consumption, tracking usage throughout the day and night to identify any potential leaks on site. To do this, our team installs data loggers which are attached to the schools’ water meter to track how much water is being used. Mondo is also responsible for the data delivery to the SWEP platform.

An example of how impactful this program can be (to schools and the environment) can be seen at Wodonga Secondary College. Within two days of the logger installation, the school discovered that they had a leak of approximately 1,200 litres per hour, or 20 litres per minute, caused by a small crack in a pressurised boiler pipe. Read more about it here.

Mondo will proudly continue to support SWEP which is funded by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the Department of Education and Training.

Mondo Meter Technician, Micheal Egan, poses with an arm-full of Telstra Captis products which enables the tracking of water consumption.