Mondo’s Ubi Platform supports SA “Smarter Homes” mandate

Mondo's Ubi Platform supports SA "Smarter Homes" mandate

Mondo is excited to support the SA Government’s Smarter Homes program by supplying our Ubi Energy Management Platform to meet current and future technical standards mandated from September 28, 2020.

Mondo is able to support customers, installers, retailers and Relevant Agents by providing remote disconnect and reconnect functionality, dynamic export limiting and tariff orchestration to comply with the new standards and deliver customer value.

Following the advice from AEMO, a number of new technical standards and requirements for smaller generating systems, such as rooftop solar, have been introduced in South Australia and are in effect as of 28 September 2020. This mandate aims to ensure network stability, while also increasing the ability of the distribution network to host distributed energy resources.

In addition to meeting these requirements, Mondo’s Ubi Energy Management Platform enables customers to view near real-time energy data and analytics, thereby empowering customers to reduce energy costs by maximising their renewable energy use.

Alongside the enablement of energy sharing programs, Ubi provides a platform to access a range of services, including Demand Response and Frequency Control Ancillary Services (FCAS).

Mondo’s solution works with leading inverter brands including Fronius, SMA, Selectronic, and Sungrow and ensures that our customer’s solar and battery system is future-proofed to provide ongoing value as solar penetration increases and energy markets evolve.