Ubi integration capabilities expand

Ubi integration capabilities expand

Ubi integration capabilities expand for Commercial and Industrial application.

Hardware Integration

The Mondo Ubi platform continues to grow and support a greater number of hardware devices, providing more choice for our customers. As the industry matures, we will see standards emerge, however, until then we need to configure the system and test it for each new type of inverter. This need expands as Mondo heads toward integrated community energy management, and as we work with more commercial customers. Due to recent growth and install requirements, we have added the following hardware integrations:

  • IME Nemo 96 HD Panel Meter for Commercial and Industrial customers
  • Rayleigh Instruments RI-F400 Panel Meters Commercial and Industrial customers
  • Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter for Residential and Commercial customers with solar and battery

As we continue to expand our integrations, so will your choices!


Application Programming Interface (API) integration

As more customers join the Mondo Portal, the more demand there is for near real-time data to be captured and passed to our customer’s 3rd party applications though an Application Programming Interface (API). Our API infrastructure has been significantly enhanced to meet this new demand and support 3rd party integration. In one research project, for example, energy data from 40 properties is passed to the “Demand Management platform” at a frequency of 3 API calls per second, per property. In short, Mondo can now offer far more robust data sharing capabilities to our customers!


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