The flow must go on

The flow must go on

Many of us are working from home on kitchen benches, in spare rooms, on couches or anywhere else there is enough room to flip open a laptop (….often while keeping one eye on the kids who are supposed to be home-schooling.)

There are those however who are performing critical works to keep our lights on, taps flowing and heaters and cooktops alight.

The Mondo Water team recently installed water connections at a new development in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs.

What makes this different from other connections?

Operating under COVID restrictions poses additional challenges for this work. Restrictions on the number of people allowed on site means additional coordination and negotiation with all tradespeople involved in the development.

COVID specific challenges are additional to all the standard requirements of performing complex underground waterworks including:

  • Reviewing Dial Before You Dig information to identify gas pipelines in the road which in this case meant a full road closure and open cut across the road.
  • A site-specific traffic management plan.
  • Communicating with local residents to ensure minimal disruption and ensure safety.

Even with the additional challenges presented the works were completed one day ahead of schedule leading to significant cost reductions, fewer site impacts and a reduction in inconvenience to the local community.

Mondo’s water and gas field technicians and support teams are some of the most experienced operating anywhere in Australia.

If you have any complex requirements relating to critical infrastructure please contact us.