The who’s who of poo.

The what’s what of squat.

Shining a light on the teams and technology keeping our sewer systems sparkling.

The highly experienced Mondo crew in front of the high-tech ‘Predator’ truck.

Many more of us are spending much more time at home. We’re working at home and schooling at home, maybe even baking sourdough at home…the other thing we are doing more of at-home is *ahem* relying on our local sewer systems.

Tree root growing into pipe.

Underneath the nature strips, driveways and backyards of every neighbourhood is a complex series of pipes and tunnels, some dating back one hundred years, which silently (and odourlessly) transport our unmentionables to a far-off treatment facility.

To keep this critical system flowing there are teams of highly skilled experts, using high tech equipment, working 24/7, inspecting and assessing the condition of pipes and other related infrastructure.

Almost like a suburban-sewer-submarine crew The Mondo CCTV Sewer team often work in complete silence under cover of darkness using torpedo-shaped remote vehicles to inspect hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of pipe. Aside from the usual 1s and 2s and the occasional infamous ‘Fatberg’ the most common issues found are tree-roots, collapsed pipes and other damage.

“What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in a sewer? Have you found any buried treasure?”

Whilst none of our crew members have ever retired early due to discovering a bounty of bog-buried bullion they have found a variety old coins and some battered jewellery as well as a veritable menagerie of snakes, possums, cats and other wildlife.

Splinter? Is that you?

The sewer crews use a range of highly specialised equipment to keep the foul flowing, including a fleet of ‘Predator’ Jet Trucks and cutting-edge CCTV inspection vans. These vehicles are armed with high-pressure pumps, remote control camera vehicles, and a range of specially engineered cleaning and cutting nozzles, including the aptly named ‘Warthog’.

Sewer assets are often located in busy environments – backyards, roadways, and driveways. When conducting this critical work our teams always ensure the safety, convenience and comfort of the general public are paramount.

If you do see our poo-crew in your street, give them a wave…but maybe don’t get too close.

Mondo offers a comprehensive suite of services for sewer, water and gas infrastructure.

Please contact us for any enquiries.


A ‘flattened’ 3D scan of a section of sewer pipe.