EDGE’ing closer to a renewable future

EDGE'ing closer to a renewable future

The response to Project EDGE both across the Hume Region and Nationally has been remarkable. Clearly, there is an enormous appetite to uncover new and positive ways of delivering a safe, reliable and renewably focused electricity system!

Project EDGE is a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that will draw together residential and business energy users across the Hume region to sell their reserved electricity into a new energy marketplace. This marketplace will be dynamic and enable the two-way exchange of energy, making it suited to handle the growing volumes of renewable energy across Australia. It’s a fundamental change in how the Australian energy market operates. This project is capable due to utilizing our smart energy control device, Mondo Ubi.  The shift will demonstrate how a collection of small solar systems with batteries can help effect responsive improvements in the electricity network, reduce outages and lower energy prices.

Funded by ARENA, Mondo is working in partnership with the Australian Energy Market Operator and AusNet Services, with important research inputs from Melbourne University and Deakin University. The program will then be calling on potential residential and business participants who will receive targeted payments both to enlist (to help buy a discounted battery if not yet installed) and then continue through the trial, due to finish at the end of 2023.

Residents from Yackandandah at Hume 1 Town Hall launch

A huge thanks to all those who have expressed interest in EDGE. We are now progressively responding, particularly to those who fall into the focus area in the northeast of Victoria (Hume Region). Over a period of two and a half years, the program will focus on ten Council areas located in the AusNet Services (electricity network) distribution area. 

‘Hume One’ is now underway in Yackandandah and Beechworth. ‘Hume Two’ is also ramping up with a focus on the Strathbogie council region, and Hume Three incorporates the Councils listed below:

  • Towong Shire
  • City of Wodonga
  • Indigo Shire
  • Alpine Shire
  • Rural City of Wangaratta
  • Benalla Rural City
  • Mansfield Shire Council
  • Strathbogie Council
  • Murrindindi Council
  • Mitchell Shire Council