Mondo improves Ubi platform stability

Mondo improves Ubi platform stability

In a quest for continuous improvement, we’ve been working hard over the past six months to ensure that the Mondo Ubi platform is optimised for reliability and stability.

As a result of this work, we are now better equipped to detect communications issues, re-establish connectivity after dropouts and minimise data loss.

Having investigated the primary causes of stability issues on various sites, the Mondo team have resolved a variety of issues by taking actions such as:

  • Upgrading modems to 4G to improve communication stability
  • Upgrading Ubi’s computer and hardened the physical wiring to provide a more robust system
  • Increasing 3G/4G data caps (reducing dependence on wifi in outages)

Additionally, we have analysed battery performance during recent outages to gain valuable insights into how your system react to such events. Insights like this help us to continually improve the way your system could respond in the future.

Mondo would like to thank all customers involved in coordinating these upgrades.