Mondo and Ausgrid

Mondo and Ausgrid

Mondo has been working with Ausgrid, the largest distributor of electricity on the east coast of Australia, to provide LiDAR and 3D image capture and analysis services.

“Mondo’s understanding, professionalism, and hard work to deliver either to or ahead of schedule has contributed not only to Ausgrid’s success but also to the safety of the communities located in these areas.” Ausgrid. 

A screenshot of the AIMS3D interface showing
real-world imagery and the LiDAR scan.

Utilising Mondo’s industry-leading hardware and software platform AIMS3D, the Ausgrid network of poles, wires and other electricity infrastructure was scanned, analysed and reconstructed to create a near-perfect virtual representation of the real-world network that is available to anyone, via any device.

This 3D digital model enables Ausgrid to conduct network planning and design, asset maintenance audits and organise vegetation management programs with far less reliance on ‘real-world’ field visits – meaning reduced costs and improved safety outcomes.

With safety as their highest priority, Ausgrid also requested Mondo’s assistance to help deliver regulation-critical High Bushfire Risk Area (HBRA) vegetation encroachment analysis and reporting on their distribution network. 

Click here for information about AIMS3D.

A digitised span of poles and wires on the Ausgrid network.