Helping maintain safer power networks

Helping maintain safer power networks

Mondo is performing critical testing in order to improve the safety of Victoria’s power network and reduce the risks of fires associated with powerlines.

Installation of Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiters (REFCL) was mandated by the Victorian Government following the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009.

REFCL Testing Truck 2

In simple terms REFCLs work in a similar way to home safety switches, but at a much larger scale.

During the operation of a REFCL device, cables connected to the power line experience higher operating voltages, therefore it is important that they undergo testing to ensure that they are safe and compliant.

REFCL Testing

Mondo’s High Voltage (HV) Testing Services Team based in Yarraville, Victoria, has been involved with the testing of these power cables since the REFCL program was initiated.

Since the commencement of REFCL, there has been an unprecedented demand for power cable testing services. To cope with the demand for power cable testing, we have expanded our team and invested in the latest testing equipment.

Mondo has invested more than $1.5M on the latest state-of-art equipment, housed in purpose build test vehicles.

Specialist testing capabilities include:

  • Continuity and Phasing check
  • Sheath integrity (DC voltage withstand test and Insulation Resistance measurement)
  • Conductor and Metallic sheath DC resistance measurements
  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
  • Frequency Domain Spectroscopy (FDS)
  • HV tests (Partial Discharge, DDF and HV Withstand using power frequency, VLF and DAC)

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