Helicopter stringing at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Helicopter stringing at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Check out this amazing video showing a helicopter running the lines for the Stockyard Hill transmission line which will connect the largest wind farm in The Southern Hemisphere to the grid.

Helicopter stringing is a fast, efficient way of installing or “stringing” transmission lines.

As opposed to conventional stringing – which is hand-threaded using elevated platforms – helicopter stringing threads the line through multiple poles or towers in one deft move.

The method is generally more efficient, but it also lessens ground disturbance over sensitive farming land by reducing heavy vehicle use.

To date, helicopter stringing has been used to string approximately 30% of the 70km, 132kV transmission line between Stockyard Hill Wind Farm and the new Haunted Gully terminal station near Lismore, Victoria, which Mondo is also constructing. The activity is sometimes restricted by weather condition for safety reasons – thus far approximately 50% of the line has been installed.

Helicopter stringing has also been employed at other recent Mondo projects, such as Bulgana Wind Farm.