Digital water meters saving our most precious resource

Digital water meters saving our most precious resource

Australia is the driest populated content on earth and suffers frequent and often prolonged droughts. Mondo is trialling digital water metering technology which will help save an incalculable amount of our most precious resource – freshwater.

Over the last 4 months the Mondo Water team has been working on a digital water metering trial in Melbourne for City West Water (CWW).

Mondo is working with SUEZ, the global leader in digital water metering. SUEZ have deployed 3.5 million digital water meters across France and Spain.

The aim of this Australian trial is to determine how digital meters can significantly reduce water loss as a result of more timely alerts to both the water retailer and the customer.

Traditional water meters only provide a simple analogue readout of how much water has been used and only by directly looking at the meters can someone understand the rate at which water is being used.

Digital water meters connect to the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) which enables the meter to send alerts and other notifications to the customer or the water company to make them aware of consumption rates and potential leaks.

Mondo has already installed digital water meters at a number of schools across Victoria which has lead to the detection of leaks which were leading to the loss of tens of thousands of litres of water.

As this technology becomes more widespread, homes and business around Australia will be increasingly empowered to conserve water and save money.