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Water, Sewer & Gas

We give you the right information to keep everything flowing

Gas, water and sewerage infrastructure operators face unique challenges relating to the safe, efficient management, maintenance and construction of pipes and equipment.

Our decades of experience and leading solutions provide you with unprecedented visibility and understanding of your network to help; manage risk, control operational costs, and meet regulatory compliance.

Our solutions capture data above or below ground and include LiDAR, high-resolution cameras, thermal infrared and more, giving you unmatched detail about the condition of your pipes.

Our rapid data capture methods are safe and minimise downtime in your network, and by capturing high-quality, auditable data they also help ‘guess-work’ from inspection and assessment.

Our cloud-based processing, machine learning and analysis turn data into real insights.

We efficiently turn millions of data points into usable information, linking it with location data, images, and environmental data from a range of sources.

Machine learning including automated feature recognition not only makes inspection more efficient, it also reduces the risk of errors and oversights.

To get the full value from your information you need the power to search, interrogate and share it across your business.

Mondo’s reporting and visualisation tools will put information into the hands of decision makers fast. Managers, engineers and field crew can rapidly extract every bit of value, for real-time decisions or forward-thinking strategy.

We can also accommodate data from a range of sources, including legacy and enterprise systems, third-party products and public data.

Mondo’s reporting tools simplify reporting and make it easy for you to demonstrate safety and reliability to customers and stakeholders.

Mondo’s technologies capture your network like never before and AIMS3D lets you see it like never before.

Merging panoramic images, LiDAR sense data and GPS positioning, AIMS3D will give you a virtual twin of your network, accurate down to the millimetre.

Inspectors can identify faults and defects in the office, quality-check their assessments with peers and plan maintenance, safely in the office.

Image resolution is so good that engineers can measure and map assets and offsets accurately for design and construction purposes. As you build your data assets you will also be able to visualise changes to your network over time, checking the validity of assessments and maintenance work.

High-quality data about your network is valuable across your business, so Mondo has designed AIMS3D so that it can be used by anyone with a standard web browser. It also integrates with all current enterprise systems, making it easy to use your data for a range of strategic and operational purposes.


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