Installation, Inspection & Maintenance

Helping maintain safe, efficient networks

Mondo can inspect, test, monitor and protect your pipes and equipment in the most cost-effective way to help deliver greater value to your customers.

One of the most effective ways to inspect your sewerage system, CCTV provides a true 3D view of the inside of your pipe network .

High-resolution imagery captured at frequent intervals . our inspection services are the safest, smartest and most accurate way to inspect the condition of your pipes.

We focus getting high-quality data onto your desktop for smart decision-making.

Cathodic protection prevents the corrosion of metal pipes by connecting to more easily corroded sacrificial metal anode and power supply.

Extend the life of your asset – eliminate corrosion leaks, bursts and asset failure indefinitely and save millions of dollars by postponing replacement.

Be pro-active, not reactive – avoid leak and burst repair which causes extensive disruption, property damage, health and safety risks, and public relations issues.

Identify defects – Coating defect surveys provide the location of defects and identify high-risk areas of deterioration

Small sacrifice, big rewards

Complete multi-utility metering solutions including planning installation and management.

Our experts can also help address specific problems at any point in the metering life cycle.

Services include:

  • asset management plans
  • installation, maintenance and upgrades
  • data acquisition solutions
  • automated meter reading
  • testing and auditing
  • data logging technologies

NATA-accredited Gas, Plastics and Appliance Testing and Calibration. Rigorous component, material and appliance testing along with calibration services mean that we’ve got you covered.

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