Sewer Condition Assessments (CCTV)
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Sewer pipeline infrastructure maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance of sewer infrastructure protects the population and the environment. Our team has over 75 years of experience in the industry and uses pioneering technology to capture, view, analyse and report on the condition of sewer pipeline infrastructure.

Our inspection crews comprise of a qualified Camera Operator, a Jet Truck Operator and highly skilled field representatives.

We pride ourselves on employing highly motivated people with a strong customer focus.

To accurately assess the condition of a sewer pipeline, it is necessary to inspect and survey the asset with a camera. 

The best type of camera to use in main, branch and reticulation sewers is known as a ‘crawler’ type camera.  We use Panoramo technology for these inspections due to the capability and efficiency they provide the camera operator.

Rather than capturing video, the Panoramo technology takes a rapid series of still images called a ‘scan’ and stitches these together to form a 3D image of the entire pipe. This allows for an accurate assessment of the pipe condition.

When assessing Housing Connection Branches, we use a Push-Rod Camera.  These lines are smaller in length and width, so Push-rod cameras are the most suitable. They allow for easy access to inspection points which are usually located on a customer’s property.

We pride ourselves on our people, they are our greatest strength. Whilst technology is important, it’s the attitude and aptitude of the operator that ensures our clients’ requirements are always achieved.

Our team understands the importance of ensuring customers are not adversely impacted by the works being performed. 

The customer is always notified prior to works commencing and we take a collaborative approach to ensure their needs and /circumstances are always taken into consideration.

Customer feedback surveys are conducted every month to ensure we uphold the highest level of customer service.

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