Water, Sewer and Gas

We help keep everything flowing

Water, gas and sewerage connections provide some of the most critical services to households and businesses.

Whether for network and asset intelligence, metering, maintenance, testing, certification or workforce management, our expert teams provide the single most comprehensive range of water and gas services to the government, utility and commercial sectors.

Water, Sewer and Gas

Water Meter Services

Mondo’s Water and Gas field services team deliver a range of metering services for Yarra Valley Water, Greater Western Water, Coliban Water and Central Highlands Water.

Water, Sewer and Gas

Sewer Condition Assessments (CCTV)

Our team has over 75 years of experience in the industry and uses pioneering technology to capture, view, analyse and report on the condition of sewer pipeline infrastructure.

Water, Sewer and Gas

Network intelligence

Using comprehensive, highly accurate capture and testing solutions incorporating high-resolution cameras, thermal infrared and more, our solutions provide unprecedented information about the condition of your pipes & equipment.

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