Mondo manages a network of poles, towers and cables connecting cities, towns and growth corridors across Victoria.

With less construction time and minimal environmental and social impact, you can get to market quicker.

It’s ideal for broadcasters and telecommunications companies looking for a cost-effective way to roll out their own communication networks.

Fibre optic cable

Mondo can offer dark fibre on one of the largest fibre optic networks in Victoria, with splice points available at regular intervals along the fibre routes.

Distribution poles

Many distribution poles can host telecommunications equipment; for example, street poles with public lights installed or poles carrying shielded low-voltage wires.

Extra High Voltage (EHV) Towers

Mondo has more than 13,000 EHV towers distributed across Victoria which can be used to host telecommunications equipment.

Communication towers

Communication towers—60 metres high, generally on hilltops with good lines of sight to surrounding areas and population centres—are ideal for broadcasters.

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