Rail and Transport

Our experience in integrating positioning and imaging sensors allows rail managers to locate, measure and assess track assets from the safety and comfort of the office.

We configure all asset capture equipment in-house, including the only tri-gauge hi-rail capture vehicle in Australia. This means we always have the best tool for the job.

Lower cost, faster, more accurate inspection means you can; do more, build a richer database of information about the condition of your rail network, and finetune your maintenance program.

Mechanised Track Patrol (MTP) delivers high-quality, auditable data to support safer and more effective track inspections. A solution superior to manual track patrols in every way.

Whether your rail network is above or below ground, Mondo’s mechanised track patrol technology will give you high-resolution digital images of the rail, track and permanent way, synchronised with GPS data.

Mechanised track patrol is a tuned array of digital camera, lighting, and location reference technology mounted on a passenger or freight train. You can record at 100 kilometres per hour with less than 1 millimetre of motion blur from a camera mounted 45 centimetres from the rail line.

It can be used for any inspection protocols and on any rail network, whatever the underlying track condition. You can also customise the array of cameras and sensors to get exactly the data you need.

Rail and Transport

Record in the morning and review in the afternoon.


AIMS3D provides millimetre-accurate geospatial maps and a 3D “digital twin” of your assets meaning you can safely inspect track at any time without taking trains off the network

Using high-resolution imaging, LiDAR sensors and GPS, AIMS3D maps, measures and records your rail network with an accuracy unmatched by conventional survey methods.

With AIMS3D, anyone in your organisation with a web browser can

  • View network assets in 3D
  • Visualize and update GIS data
  • Measure assets and offsets
  • Map features and attributes
  • Determine the relative location of assets and features
  • Visualise change over time

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