On-demand access to your location data

Store, transform, verify, analyse and visualise.

As the volume of spatial data continues to rise, organisations need ways to effectively store, manipulate, validate and visualise this information.

Loca has broad business, utility and government application making it easier to understand spatial data and use it for critical, important decisions.

  • Accurate. Precise location and address information.
  • Powerful. Data visualisation tools which are intuitive yet feature-rich.
  • Secure. Our systems & procedures are frequently audited and reviewed to ensure they remain consistent with global standards.
  • Reliable. Designed to enhance organisational performance and efficiency while maintaining service levels that are vital to critical enterprise systems.
  • Integrated. Addresses issues of separate data-sources and silos.
  • Mature. In use by government and private organisations for many years.
  • Innovative. Future-proofed through support and upgrades.

Brings your location data to life, making it easier to visualise, analyse and understand through customisable maps and powerful imagery.

View gives your organisation enterprise level access to a broad variety of mapping layers so you can visualise your data and gain business insights without the need for GIS expertise.

It also provides location specific imagery such as high-resolution photographs, panoramic imagery and LiDAR.

Loca View is a fully hosted solution that can complement your existing spatial services and resources.


Verify and update address and property data from authoritative data sources including your own data.

Explore manages complex data source relationships while providing a ‘single point of truth’ for business questions relating to address, property, enterprise assets or other locations of interest.


Powerful tools and processes for the transformation of spatial data.

Transform gives you access to powerful tools to meet your complex business data transformation and translation needs. Transform can also provide access to the transformation capabilities of leading technologies such as Safe Software’s FME.


Secure content and data management with enterprise access to spatial data-sets.

Cache provides the freedom to scale and deliver storage capacity regardless of physical location or labour. If your spatial data is siloed or location and technology dependent, then it makes better business sense to use easily scaleable, virtualised, cloud-based infrastructure to make working with spatial data easier across your enterprise.

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