Manage field captured imagery by automatically linking high-resolution images to assets with automated or manual defect raising, exception management, simple browser-based access to view asset images, and data export.

AIMS Virtual Asset Assessment (VAA) provides an optimised image management experience to manage compliance with network asset assessment programs, while simultaneously facilitating access to current and historical field captured imagery across your whole network.

AIMS VAA uses image metadata to automatically associate the image to the correct asset, via an accurate and configurable algorithm. Utilise AIMS VAA’s powerful search and visualisation to audit auto-link outcomes and rectify unlinked images.

Assess the high-resolution images and raise defects by marking up the image at the defect location and completing a defect form (with support for Object-Damage-Cause format).

Machine Learning is incorporated into the AIMS VAA image import process to automatically detect defects for human review and finalisation within AIMS VAA.


Comprehensively map and analyse your network in 3D

AIMS 3D allows you to rapidly and cost-effectively capture a 3D view of your network.

Merging panoramic or hi-res digital imagery and LiDAR sensors, AIMS 3D efficiently maps, measures, documents and records networks without the need for traditional, time-consuming survey methods.

Once captured, the 3D imagery can be accessed via a standard browser-based web application so everyone in your organisation can quickly and easily access the information they need.

Conduct detailed mapping from the safety of your office.

Cheaper than traditional survey methods, AIMS 3D also lets you reuse imagery for ad-hoc network reviews and reduces the need for additional field visits.

The AIMS 3D processing platform lets you view imagery and extract value sooner after capturing.
AIMS 3D Field Capture System works alongside complementary products such as AIMS Clearance (conductor clearance solution) for a complete surveying solution.
Configured to comply with regulation and network standards for asset inspection and vegetation management.
AIMS 3D is mounted on road, rail or aerial vehicles for rapid image and
LiDAR capture.
Anyone in your organisation can easily access information via a browser-based web viewer.

Sensor configurations are customisable to align with your individual business needs.

AIMS 3D imagery can be easily embedded into any web based application without the need for programming, or can be fully integrated into third-party products via the AIMS 3D API.
AIMS 3D can process existing network data and incorporate a number of data inputs to analyse and provide an informed assessment of your network.

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