Network Intelligence

View your network like never before

Our data and asset mapping services will help you manage risks, plan upgrades and maintenance, minimise costs and deliver value to your customers.

Mondo helps you can capture, analyse and view your network like never before.

Our ground and aerial vehicle mounted capture systems incorporate LiDAR scanners, GPS, high-resolution cameras, weather sensors, 4K video, thermal infrared and more – ensuring you have a complete picture of your network.

We have the technology, people and experience to offer electricity businesses the most comprehensive and cost-effective data capture services available.

Turn network data into usable information with our cloud-based data processing. Machine learning and powerful analysis identifies the largest range of assets, defects, vegetation and ground clearances – as well as predicting asset failures before they occur.

We identify potential defects quickly and handed over to experts for further evaluation. We can also model your assets, operating environment, safety requirements and service standards to help you predict network failures before they occur.

Discover and explore the links between environment, operations, service quality, asset condition, reliability and safety with fast access to accurate, reliable information and reports.

To get the full value from your information you need to be able to search, interrogate and share it. Our reporting and visualisation tools will put information into the hands of decision makers fast, both for real-time decisions about maintenance or forward-thinking strategy. It will also simplify compliance and reporting to stakeholders.

Our map-based solution FMC, helps you manage your mobile workforce and streamline your operations.

FMC manages critical field-based activities including inspections, defect management, replacements, fault/outage management, vegetation management, meter reading and meter replacements.

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